Chair of Communications

Advanced Photonic Communcation Systems

080105 / 080106 / etit-632
Dr. Ronald Freund (Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz-Institut)


High-Speed Optical Core and Submarine Systems

  • transmission schemes and modulation formats
  • detection schemes, digital signal processing for coherent detection
  • optical network elements


Optical Wireless Communication Systems

  • basics and advances in optical satellite communication
  • free-space terrestrial optical communication systems
  • visible light communication systems 


Optical Access Systems

  • state-of-the art FTTx systems
  • next generation optical access systems (OFDM/DWDM/UDWDM-PON)
  • optical front- and backhaul systems


Optical Systems for Data Center Applications

  • high-speed Ethernet 
  • multimode fiber short-reach networks
  • high-speed inter-data center connects


  • G. P. Agrawal. Nonlinear Fiber Optics. Academic Press, second edition, 1995.
  • References are mostly taken from IEEE Xplore Digital Library and will be provided during the course.